How to ease the discomfort from the bump on your eyelid

Eliminate Discomfort and Improve healing of Blocked Eyelid Gland with Essential Oils

Have you all ever had that red bump on your eyelid near or in your eyelashes that causes major discomfort and worse than that you look like an ogre for a week or so?  When you are out and about talking to people all people can do is stare at is that nasty red and sometimes white bump, silently thinking to themselves, “Is that thing going to pop?”

A few weeks ago I felt one coming on.  My eyelid was getting red and puffy looking, when I touched my eyelid there was a slight soreness to it. Right away I wanted to nip it in the bud! After doing some research I found that Frankincense oil and Lavender oil was the best for the job.

I diluted in a very small amount of carrier oil 1-2 drops of each, rubbed them around the outer bone area of the eye, NOT ON THE EYELID!! I  also applied it on the side of the bridge of the nose where the bump was forming. The next day when I woke it was almost 80% better. I did the same thing the next day and on day 2 the irritation and redness was gone!!

Of course I forgot to take a picture of this whole thing! But a few weeks later I got a text from a friend who’s babysitter had a nasty one on her eye. Here is what was sent to me with a request to HELP!!!
Essential oils and Eyelid Irritation Relieving Discomfort and Boosting Healing of Eyelid Irritation
– 1-2 drops of Lavender Oil
– 1-2 drops of Frankincense Oil
– Diluted in a small amount of carrier oil.
– rub around the outside area of eye where the bone is (NOT close to eye)
– rub on the inner area of the nose close to the bump
– repeat as much as needed

The woman in the picture had never really used essential oils and wasn’t really sure if they would work. But was at her wits end because of the discomfort.  My friend got back to me and told me that right away after using this mixture her babysitter told her the discomfort was much less and redness was less.  After a few days the healing was more noticeable.

Essential Oils and Eyelid Irritation

As you can see the redness and swelling is much less. Because she had let it get this big it will take longer to heal. So the secret is to start oiling up as soon as you notice it!

I hope this helps someone out there! Come visit and join other oil lovin’ people on my Nurse Freckles Facebook page!  I love to hear testimonials and questions are always welcome!

Best Baby Shower Gift, DIY

Natural Baby Diaper Cream with Essential Oils

Lately, at work, I have had a few co-workers have baby showers for their first babies.  I love to think of items that first time moms don’t think about, that they will NEED!  This time I wanted to make them something from my heart that I have used for my own kids back when they were in diapers. Baby Diaper Cream au naturel!

Yes, there are plenty of creams out there for sale, but most have tons of yucky ingredients in them, don’t really help when you have that very stubborn irritation on the bottom or sensitive area of the baby, and if you are using cloth diapers they make the diapers less absorbent!

I have given this cream to other friends and they have loved it.  I also gave a bit to another nurse friend whose baby had a very stubborn irritation on his penis and bottom and no cream helped relieve him of this.  She used it once and came back to tell me it was almost totally gone, the second time she used it, by the next day the skin was back to being smooth, soft, and not irritated.  Here is the bonus, this cream is AWESOME for your hands, so whether you have diapered babies or not you can rub this on your hands and man they will be baby soft!


Baby Diaper Cream with Essential Oils

– 1 cups of Organic Coconut Oil
– 1 TBSP or 1/2oz of Organic Bees Wax
– 10 drops of Lavender oil (if sensitive to Lavender you can substitute Frankincense oil)
– 10 drops of Melaleuca oil
Natural Baby Diaper SalveIn a double boiler put the coconut oil and bees wax and warm it up, stirring frequently till everything has melted.
Natural Baby Diaper CreamOnce those two ingredients are melted, take them off the heat, let cool till the liquid feels warm not hot to the touch, but not solidified! Then add the essential oils. Stir well and pour into the glass or metal containers you want to give away. Make sure they are wide mouth so it is easy to get fingers into.
Natural Baby Diaper CreamDuring warm weather this cream will be easy to get out and massage into skin, but during these winter months the cream will be a little hard like cold coconut oil is, just scoop a small amount out and warm it in your hand then rub onto the areas that need it.  You will love this! So easy to make, so cheap, and very effective!

Let me know what you think!  I am not “allowed” to link my Nurse Freckles Facebook page to my blog anymore, so please come search me out!  I love to hear feedback, ask questions, write testimonials of what works for you!

TMI Tuesday, Essential oils and Your Vagina

Promoting a Healthy Vagina with Essential oil Suppository

Happy New Year everyone!! I had a nice long break from blogging during the month of December and now I am coming back to you with a great one! TMI Tuesday is back again.

This Tuesday we are going to go on another adventure that may make some people squirm, and most men may want to run and cry in the corner. It is a female problem that many of us thankfully don’t have to deal with, but it does happen even to the nicest of people! Just a little tidbit before we start, this whole post will be in “compliant language” so basically meaning I can’t come out and be a grown up Nurse and use big girl words – they won’t let me. So please bare with me, read between the lines and if you need clarification contact me through my Facebook page.

During my break I got a call from a friend, who I have know for a good amount of time, about a very, very personal problem.  She was a bit mortified to have to ask me about what she should do and even to describe her symptoms. She at first thought she may have an over abundance of yeast in her vagina *if you know what I mean*, and started trying out the protocol that I had used HERE for that.  But after a day or so she noticed she had discharge the color of grey and the odor from downstairs was just NOT right. She smelled like she was under the sea, you know after a day of fishing *wink wink*, she also said she was experiencing skin irritation inside her vagina.  This is a bit more serious and needed to be fixed fast.

Now let me stop for a second. Yes us girls would normally hear about this and think she got it from sleeping around; I for one am guilty of that too -the thought, not the sleeping around! But since I know this girl so well, I know that is definitely not the case here. I dug a little deeper into her history and she did admit to having fun with her husband using fingers….. there it is!!! Bacteria introduced by a dirty hand. So FYI chicas you don’t have to be sleeping around to get this! Ok, back to the vagina.

Promoting a healthy vagina, suppository

Here is a quick remedy to help “Promote a healthy vagina”
– melt 1 tsp of coconut oil, let slightly cool
– Add 2 drops of Rosemary oil
– Add 1 drop of Melaleuca oil
-Make a small mold out of tin foil and saran wrap (pictured below) to add the oil to to make a suppository.
promoting a healthy vagina, suppository-Stir the essential oils in the melted coconut oil and then pour into the mold, and put that mold into the fridge.
Promoting a healthy vagina, suppository
supporting a healthy vagina, suppository

I made two suppositories for my friend, I didn’t know how they would work or how long it would take. I told her to insert them at night when she went to bed so the oil wouldn’t leak out.

She let me know the day after inserting the first one that the irritation she felt had decreased and was almost gone, the discharge was not as scary looking or smelling. So we were headed in the right direction.  She inserted the second one that night and by the next morning she was all good.  She went to the gynecologist just in case and came back with a clean and healthy bill of health!

Please if you are going to use oils INTERNALLY do yourself a favor and only use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils. The last thing you want to do is put a synthetic oil or chemical into your body – either via your mouth or downstairs!

I hope you all loved the TMI Tuesday of the new year! Thanks for coming back! If you want to get more tidbits or interact more with other oily people and me go to my Nurse Freckles Facebook page, like it, then you will know when the next blog is post is posted.  I encourage interaction, posting testimonials and asking questions!


Giving Back Locally during Holiday Season

Simple way to get our kids involved in giving back during this season

So a few weeks back I highlighted a great nonprofit organization Days for Girls and suggested this would be a great NPO to donate to during this time of giving. I also said I would write more posts about my favorite ways to give back. So today I am going to tell you what I do with my kids each year to give back to those in need that live in our area.

Let me back up and tell you the tale of two Taylors: first is the bleeding heart Liberal. From as far back as I can remember it has always pained me to see people begging for money and homeless sleeping on the street. I would beg my parents for a dollar to give them or save my leftovers to give someone I passed on the street. Then this girl turned into an Emergency Department Nurse. And well, we see the same people over and over who come in drunk and high who were just on the street corner begging as I drove to work. Yes, this is still sad but it starts hardening you after a while. Those people asking for money on the corner are using our money to get high and I for one don’t give money anymore. I will give food still if we have extra fruit or snacks in the car, but that is it.

So the bleeding heart Liberal side of me still wants to help people. I want to teach my kids about giving and that not everyone has a home and food. So normally right before Thanksgiving I spend an afternoon with the kids putting together what we call Grateful Bags. We usually make about 10 and I have them draw a picture for each bag to make it more like a gift from the kids.
making grateful bagsWhat’s a Grateful Bag? Well, it is a gallon size ziplock with all sorts of goodies that someone living on the street may need. Most of the items we use are bought from the dollar store, other than the socks because I like them to get decent socks. You can add other things like McDonald’s gift cards or blankets if you want to get fancy.
Image-1 (73)

Here is a picture of what is going to go into our Grateful Bags: razors, soap, tissue, snacks, gum, socks, bandaids, chapstick, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and sometimes I add wet wipes and leftover Halloween candy.

grateful bags, giving back during the holidaysKeep it simple, and make it fun. Talk to your kids while you all are putting these together about how some people don’t have homes and food. I like for my kids to explore how that must feel. Then they can hopefully better understand how nice it is to help people out. I don’t want my kids to be sheltered, I want them to know not everyone is as lucky as they are. These people are not scary or mean but are just going through a hard time and need some love too.
grateful bags

Once we assemble our bags we put them in the car and go on an adventure. Some people probably worry that this will scare their kids, but I have found the opposite. My kids get very excited to give people presents and are fighting in the back to be the one to hand their bags to them. We usually drive around the areas I normally see people asking for donations. And then the kids will roll their windows down and politely say “Sir or Ma’am, here you go, Happy Thanksgiving”.

The response from the people receiving these bags are always positive and they love that the kids are doing it. Last year there was one gentleman who we gave a bag to that was so touched he started crying. Which in turn made me start balling.

So go get your supplies ready, make a day of it. Have fun with your kids and give back to our community. I would love to see all your Grateful Bag pictures on my Facebook page! So go to Nurse Freckles Facebook page, like it, and post your pics and how the whole thing went!

How to Deal with Holiday Stress

How to lessen our anxious feelings and stress  during Holiday Season.

It’s November and that means it is holiday season!!! Well, I have been seeing Christmas stuff since September and October which I think is CRAZY!! Stores just can’t wait. And their bit-chomping leaves the rest of us feeling ramped up. You know, that feeling of being wound tight, drank too much coffee buzz of, holy cow the holidays are coming I better get on the decorating, gift buying, and holiday party planning!! AHHHHHH

Can we all just take a breath? Is there anyway we can just make a bit more relaxed and enjoyable holiday season and not have to be perfect?

Well, that’s my plan. But those of you who know me know I don’t aspire to be perfect. Nor do I over think any holiday because that leaves me grumpy and void of fun. I tried being perfect Betty Homemaker one year for Thanksgiving. It was my family’s first Thanksgiving without family or friends. I decided to cook a full meal all by myself for the first time. Can you imagine how that came out? After cooking all day, while my family played and had fun, we sat down for dinner and my husband asks disappointingly “where is the stuffing?” Guess who about came unglued? ME!  We had pretty much everything else on the table to eat and I had been on my feet for most of the day.  So right then and there I decided NEVER AGAIN will I work solo and try to make everything perfect.

So whether you are with me or not I am giving you a few ideas on how to handle your stress level and anxious feelings when it feels like everything is on your shoulders.

First let’s get those diffusers going! Nothing is better than walking into a delicious-smelling house. I have two great recipes that will help reduce the stress in the house, spread some cheer, and freshen the air.
Stress reducing Diffuser BlendHappy Juice for All

– 4 drops of Joyful Blend (which contains: Lavandin Flower, Lavender Flower, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Tangerine Peel, Melissa Flower, Ylang Ylang Flower, Elemi Resin, Osmanthus Flower, and Lemon Myrtle Leaf essential oils.)
5 drops of Grounding Blend (which contains: Spruce Needle/Leaf, Ho Wood, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, and Blue Chamomile Flower essential oils.)  
– 5 drops of Wild Orange oil
– 3 drops of Frankincense oil

These are the oils I use for my personal deodorant or what I call my “Happy Juice” to make me a nicer person *wink wink*. To see the post on how to make a Happy Juice Roller bottle go HERE. This diffuser recipe spreads the love and helps everyone in your house be on the nicer side.

The second diffuser blend that I have been pumping out in my house a lot lately is:
reducing stress diffuser blendHappiness Blend
– 5 drops Wild Orange Oil
– 5 drops of Ginger Oil
– 5 drops of Douglas Fir Oil ( if you don’t have this new oil you can replace it with Grounding Blend)

This not only promotes positive mood but boosts the energy and gives off a beautiful fresh, crisp scent.

A few weeks back I wrote a post about making inhalers, which are small plastic containers that really look like a tampon. They hold a cotton wick that you can soak essential oils of your choice to remedy what ails you. They are very portable with no mess and you simply smell it when needed. I think this is such a great and easy way to bring specific oils with you on your daily routine, holiday shopping, dinner at the in laws. Whatever your trigger for higher stress in your life. If you missed that post, it is HERE.  What oils are good to alleviate the feeling of stress?? Here is a good list, and no you don’t need all of them. Use the one you have that you actually like the smell of, or if you are feeling fancy make a blend of two to three.

Anxious Feelings:  
-Basil oil
-Respiratory Blend
-Tension Blend

Reducing Stress:
-Massaging Blend
-Calming Blend
-Ylang Ylang oil
-Tension Blend
-Basil oil

I personally have inhaled Basil oil. At first I thought it wasn’t going to help at all, and why the heck would I like the smell of basil oil? But I took deep breathes, held it for a few seconds and released. That heaviness in your chest that you sometimes feel when super worked up or have too much on your plate, went away. I was very surprised. So give it a try.

reduce stress blend with essential oilsWound Tight as a Top Blend:
-5 drops of Lemon Oil
-5 drops of Lime Oil
-5 drops of Invigorating Blend (contains: Wild Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Grapefruit Peel, Mandarin Peel, Bergamot Peel, Tangerine Peel, Clementine Peel essential oils and Vanilla Bean Absolute.)
-5 drops of Grounding Blend (contains: Spruce Needle/Leaf, Ho Wood, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, and Blue Chamomile Flower essential oils)
-Add to a 10ml roller bottle and top with Fractionated Coconut oil.
-Roll on your feet, behind your neck, on your heart, or as deodorant.

reduce stress with essential oilsStress Case Blend:    
-2 drops of Clary Sage oil
-5 drops of Grapefruit oil
-5 drops of Wild Orange Oil
-2 drops of Frankincense Oil
-5 drops of Lemon Oil
-Add to a 10ml roller bottle and top with Fractionated Coconut oil.
-Roll on your feet, behind your neck, on your heart, or as deodorant.

I hope these few tips help you all out in the next few months. Remember use it everyday, reapply when you need it!

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Healthy, Glowing Skin Naturally

How to make face oil that promotes skin clarity and reduces fine lines

I’m a freckle face and spend most of my active time out in the sun, swimming. I am always looking for ways to keep wrinkles away and my skin healthy looking.

The search for beauty and youth serums can cost a pretty penny. We buy products that contain a list of unknown ingredients with promises of magazine-like perfection.

If you are interested in a natural skin care line that makes sure everything in their products is natural and of the highest quality go HERE to see a past post from my friend Stephanie.

I am going to give you my favorite skin regime that won’t break the bank and so far has kept my skin looking pretty good, and wrinkle free for 37 years – shhhhh I swear I am still 20 something, maybe 30 max.
Image-1 (61)Here are my go to essential oils that promote that healthy glow and keep the lines from creeping up:

  • Frankincense oil: reduces the appearances of blemishes and rejuvenates the skin, slows signs of aging.

  • Geranium oil: promotes tightening and firming of skin, reduces appearances of aging. Balances both oily and dry skin types. Also great for puffy eyes!

  • Helichrysum oil: promotes healthy glowing skin, improves skin appearance, reduces appearances of blemishes and scarring.

    There are many more beneficial oils for the skin, but these three are my go tos. The carrier oils I use for my face are Jojoba oil and Almond oil.

    – Jojoba oil: is high in B vitamins which is great for your skin and helps maintain a good hormone balance. Also, jojoba won’t clog pores and delays appearance of aging. SCORE!

    – Almond oil: soothes irritation, nourishes the skin, improves complexion, and retains the youthful glow.

    promote glowing skin with essential oils

    So when do I use them? And do I use them all together and everyday? 

    Nurse Freckles’ Daily Face oil:
    – small amount of Jojoba oil (if you need exact amount I would say about 1/4 tsp)
    – 1-2 drops of Frankincense oil
    – mix together with finger and massage onto clean skin.

    I do this everyday, morning and night. It keeps my skin moisturized. Most of the time I don’t use a lotion or moisturizer on top of this because it does the job.

    Nurse Freckles’ Healing Face oil:
    – small amount of Jojoba oil and a few drops of Almond oil
    – 1-2 drops of Frankincense oil
    – 1 of Helichrysum oil
    – mix together with finger, massage onto clean skin, and concentrate on problem areas.

    I do this routine when my skin is looking rough; after not eating healthy or from picking at blemishes (horrible habit and you can see the results of this in the picture above on my chin). I’ll apply before bed and by the morning I am back to glowing skin.

    Chill out and Smile Face oil:
    – small amount of Jojoba oil, you can add Almond oil to this as well
    – 1-2 drops of Frankincense oil
    – 1-2 drops of Geranium oil
    – mix together with your finger and massage onto your clean skin.

    I do this to promote glowing healthy skin and also to lift my mood, reduce stress and tension. Another Mommy’s little helper? Yep probably!

    There are tons of ways to help your skin no matter what skin type or problems you have with your skin tone. I will be experimenting with different oils soon so will keep you updated.

    What is you favorite skin regime with essential oils? Let me and all the rest of our oily friends know, pass the love on!  Go to Nurse Freckles Facebook page, Like it and share your skin testimonial!

Giving Back – Girl Power!

How to help a Girl rise to her Full Potential

Holiday season is coming around. I always love finding great nonprofit organizations to donate to as a gift for those hard to shop for/have everything people. So every few weeks, from now until Christmas, I am going to spotlight my fav nonprofits. Those who I think are doing a great job and would be the best way to give back during the season of basically take take take.

This is also a great thing to get your kids involved in because as we all know most of our kids don’t get to see or live outside their safe bubble where everyone has new shoes and clothes. It is important for them as humans to know there are others out there who don’t have everything they do and it is great to give back and help where you can.

Recently I was introduced to an awesome NPO that helps girls around the world have an opportunity to rise to their full potential and be able to get the education boys get. But they don’t just pay for school tuition, uniforms, or books. Actually they do something much simpler than all that. They educate girls around the world about their periods and reproductive system. Then they teach them how to make reusable and fast drying pads. Why would this have ANYTHING to do with a girl’s education??

In many countries girls without access to pads have to sit in a room, usually isolated from other school kids, for 4-7 days while on their period. They sit on a piece of cardboard or rags and bleed by themselves. Missing this much school each month obviously puts them behind. In Zimbabwe they have found girls have been using corn husks which then led to scarring and major infections. In Kenya one of the girls explained that if a girl wants to go to school during her period she would have to exchange sex for feminine hygiene products. Simply education for our girls can be so empowering  This is what Days for Girls is doing.

What exactly does Days for Girls do? They help girls gain access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene and awareness, by direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits, by partnering with nonprofits, groups and organizations, by raising awareness, and by helping  communities around the world start their own programs. Thanks to a global grassroot network of thousands of volunteers and supporters on 6 continents, they have reached women and girls in 85+ countries on 6 continents.

Watch this short video and see what they are doing and what you can do to help!

They are not only teaching these girls about their menstrual cycle but they are also teaching them how to make these pads themselves, so in turn those girls can teach other girls how to make pads also, uplifting and educating, it’s the secret sauce!

What can we do? Well there is the simple donate, go HERE.  Are you good at sewing? Well you can make these kits, go HERE and find the kit details, patterns and instructions.

What do you all think? So simple and so awesome! Can we all join together and help one girl this season of giving? Let me know what you think about this idea! Go to Nurse Freckles Facebook page, like it, and leave me a message if you donate or what you think about this idea. Spread the word!

How to Make a Portable Aromatherapy Breather

Aromatherapy on the go

I recently got some “inhalers” (these aren’t meant to take the place of medicine, but you do use the oils aromatically and inhale them) to try out. When I was making my first “aromatic breather” for my friend’s husband, we will call him Mr. Cowboy, I started thinking about how great it would be to have these “breathers” with us, on the go. Have them on hand to boost our immune system before going on a flight or into the classroom to volunteer.

What is an essential oil breather?  Well it is this tiny plastic container with one hole at the top and a few at the bottom. The plastic container part looks like a shape of a tampon, just saying!  It comes with a cotton wick or absorbent pad that you soak in your chosen oils. Once soaked you insert it into the plastic container for your own personal breather. Awesome, right? As you see below there is a wick on the left side, then the plastic container in the middle, and to the right is the cover that keeps the oils from drying out. At the bottom is the plug to keep the wick from slipping out.

Essential Oil Inhaler
So what would be the purpose of your breather?  Do you need a mood booster in the middle of the day, something for lifting your mood and reducing irritability, seasonal discomfort, immune system booster, etc?
Chose 1-3 oils that work for the situation you want to address. Add 15 drops of your chosen oil(s) to a glass bowl and roll the wick/absorbent pad in the oils until it absorbs them all. Then put the wick inside the plastic container, push the plug in tightly, and twist the cover on.
essential oil inhaler
When you need to use it, take it out of the cover, put it close to your nose (do not shove up inside your nose), and take a DEEP inhale through your nose counting to 5. Repeat as needed.
essential oil inhalerWant some good recipes for a few different problems we all may encounter??

Mr. Cowboy’s Seasonal Discomfort  Blend:
-5 drops of Lemon Oil
-5 drops of Lavender Oil
-5 drops of Peppermint Oil
-1 drop of Melaleuca Oil

Mr. Cowboy’s review of using the breather:
He has reported back that he loves the breather and it is working great. He’s been sleeping much better.  He said that this essential oil inhaler is BY FAR better than 24hr Nasal Spray for seasonal discomfort that you get over the counter.


Below are a few recipes for other issues. But before you go soaking your wick in 5 drops of each, smell the combo, and be sure you like it. If one oil is too overpowering for you or you don’t like the combo change the amount of oil or the oil entirely. Just do some research on what other oils would be good for your problem.


Mood and Focus:
– 5 drops of Wild Orange Oil
– 5 drops of Douglas Fir Oil
– 5 drops of Ginger Oil


Immune Booster:
– 8 drops of the Protective Blend (contains: Wild Orange essential oil, combined with Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary)
– 7 drops of Peppermint Oil


Respiratory, Open the Airways:
– 5 drops of Eucalyptus Oil
– 5 drops of Cypress Oil
– 5 drops of Wintergreen Oil

Stress Reducing and Mood lifter:
– 5 drops of Bergamot Oil
– 5 drops of Lavender Oil
– 5 drops of Vetiver Oil

Why does this work? The nerd OR inquisitive mind in all of us usually want to know how and why. Well Vanderbilt Hospital has a great and easy explanation for the workings of aromatherapy, HERE.

Try out these recipes and let me know what you think! This is a very easy way to have your oils with benefits on the go.  Go to my Nurse Freckles Facebook page, like it and join the rest of us oil crazy people who love interacting and trading what works!

Getting the Bug? How to Stop it before it starts!

BUG Season, here we go again!

No matter what you do or who you are, you are going to get sick. Even if you are a crazy oil person like me, no one is exempt.  I just got back from an awesome week in Utah communing *wink wink* with a bunch of essential oils…can I say, FANATICS!  Basically my kind of people. It was wonderful, I learned a lot, had fun, then got on a germ infested plane to come back to reality of being an ER Nurse and a mom of two (two germ infested occupations). I felt great coming home, motivated by the new oils I will be teaching about and sharing. Happy to have a small break from being a mom and ready to get back to my reality.  The day after I got home I started feeling a sore throat! OHHH Noooo!

This week I am giving you my personal regime on what I do when I start feeling even the tiniest hint of something coming on. This info will be a go to for all of us in the coming months. When everyone and their mother is snotty and sneezing or breathing in each others faces. Does that happen to you all, or is it just what happens when you are a nurse or mom?
Scratchy Throat Gargle
Scratchy Throat Gargle:
– 2 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
– 2 drops of the Protective Blend (contains: Wild Orange essential oil, combined with Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary)
– Add the oils to 1 ounce of water
– Gargle and swallow every few hours as needed

So right when I started feeling the discomfort of a scratchy throat I started gargling with my concoction above. It definitely relieves the minor discomfort and helps the inflammation while boosting your immune system.

Not everything I do revolves around the oils, here is my Immune Booster Tea I make while I am feeling not so hot.

Immune Booster Tea

Immune Booster Tea:
-1/8 tsp of Turmeric Powder
-2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar
-Juice of 1 Lemon
Add all these ingredients to a mug and fill with hot water, then add honey to your liking.
Enjoy this yummy tea and drink often during the day.

As we speak I am making a new batch of my Homemade immune boost salve.  I use this on my feet and the kids feet when anyone shows the first sign of illness. Simply rub the salve on your feet, put your socks on, and let the healing start. Recently I have been adding 10 drops of Arborvitae essential oil to this salve because it promotes healthy cell function.
Did you miss the post and recipe for the salve? Go HERE, it is very simple and fast to make and last a long time!

While I am sick or feeling the beginning symptoms I eat as clean as possible, I stay far away from sugar because it curbs the immune system cells from fighting off all different kinds of bugs we catch.

Want one more tidbit?? Well, when I am starting not to feel so good I usually swallow one clove of garlic (like a pill) a day. I choose a small one that won’t choke or gag me, put it on my tongue and drink a lot of water to wash it down. Weird? Well, Garlic can boost the number of virus fighting T-cells in your bloodstream. Nutrition scientists from the University of Florida reported in the journal Clinical Nutrition in 2012 that taking aged garlic extract reduced the severity of cold and flu symptoms and that the symptoms went away faster in those who took the garlic extract than among those who didn’t. The scientists speculated that the garlic extract worked by boosting participants’ immune cell function.

So if you dare, try it. It works! I with these 4 tips I usually can stop the virus before it starts. Or at least make the severity and length significantly less.

Let me know your go-tos for when you are getting sick! Go to Nurse Freckles Facebook page, like it and post what works for you when you feel something coming on. The Facebook page is the best place to contact me, ask question and post great testimonials and learn from others.  I frequently post helpful tidbits on the Facebook page that you won’t get here. Come join us!

Essential Oils and Education

The Importance of Expanding your Knowledge with Essential Oils

When I first got into essential oils I looked every where for more education on how to use essential oils. Like, when to use them and more in depth information on the therapeutic benefits of each oil that I had. What I found was that I really had to search for good information. Info that wasn’t just passed along Pinterest ‘pearls of wisdom’ from people who dabbled in oils that really weren’t educated in aromatherapy. Some of the information I found from those people was good but because they did’t have a background in aromatherapy or healthcare some of what I found was not correct and sometimes dangerous.

In my search I stumbled upon a few good sources of information that I have cataloged on my “references” page. Unfortunately one of my favorite websites for accessing advice about ailments, has been taken down hopefully not for good but who knows. So as I continue to educate myself more on essential oils and their therapeutic use I keep coming back to becoming certified in aromatherapy.

Since finishing college and then returning again for nursing school I am pretty burned out on school, which was my main reason I kept pushing the aromatherapy classes away. The LAST thing I want to do now on top of taking care of my kids and working at the hospital was more school. But a few months ago I decided if I was really going to dedicate myself to knowing as much as I can on oils and educating others I needed more schooling. Also at some point I would love to bring this to the hospital setting and I knew I needed a certification to be “legit”.
Essential oil education, Aroma Hut AshevilleFirst I started looking for an online class that was NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) approved. To insure that all of what you are learning is certified, safe, and correct make certain your school is NAHA approved! I want to become not only aromatherapy certified but a clinical aromatherapist. Thereby giving me the option to use it in the healthcare world. This is where I found Aroma Hut Institute of Asheville. This online school has a class for anyone who is starting out or more advanced in their essential oil career path. From classes on cooking with essential oils, everyday living and essential oils to aromatherapy certification and clinical aromatherapy certification.

Aroma Hut AshevilleI am now knee deep in my clinical aromatherapy class and loving it so far. I am still trying to learn and digest it all, and hopefully I will have more knowledge to pass onto you all soon!

For those of you who are just getting into essential oils and want to learn more, or want to be taken more seriously and teach people the correct info, I highly suggest you look into Aroma Hut Institute of Asheville and contact Michele. She is very knowledgeable and has been using and teaching about essential oils for many years. She also used to work in the healthcare industry so is a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to using oils in the healthcare setting.

I will share what I learn with you all as I continue to learn. The best place to get tips and feedback is going to my Facebook page, like it, and join us! I frequently post tips and different ways to use oils, also I encourage people to post their questions and testimonials on what has worked for them.